• Alloy Blocking

At 50 yards per roll, surface saver plus tape has 25%-39% more tape per roll (shown by dotted line) then most competitive brands.
That means you’ll surface between 100 to 140 more lenses per roll before change-out*. Whether you purchase 12-roll or 6-roll cases, you’re assured of consistent quality time and time again.

*Based on 10 – 3” diameter lenses per yard.

Product No
Alloy Blocking
• Wax Blocking

Only 3M 1663 Clear Protective Tape is specially designed to optimize your non-alloy (wax) blocking system. It protects against scratches and contamination, prevents cross – contamination and equipment damage, and promotes coating uniformity and adhesion. This amazing blocking tape is so clear, the lens markings are completely visible– making blocking alignment a snap.
It bonds beautifully to wax to prevent fall-offs,yet de-blocks cleanly and easily every time.

Product No
Wax Blockin
Clear Protective Tapekeep lens surface free of contaminants, like wax and oil, for problem-free AR adhesion.