Lens Interliner
Acetate, one continuous length
A750 .010” x 150” (0.025 x 381cm) $4.75
A752 .020” x 100” (0.050 x 381cm) $5.00

Blue Thread Lock
Liquid thread lock helps to prevent the screw from working loose by placing a drop on the screw thread immediately prior to installation. Allow to dry.The medium strength will allow the screw to be removed. 

A755 Medium Strength, 2mil $3.25

Lens Grip
Two sided adhesive tape. Apply to lens edge of a finished lens. Insert carefully into metal frame. If there is a gap, use interliner to fill small gaps.

A758 0.043” x 50 ft. (0.11 x 1524cm) $6.00

Rimless Bottom Replacement Cord
Spool contains 50 ft. of clear round cord (.5mm diameter).

A760 $4.75 per Spool