Individual Screwdrivers and Blades

T550 Complete Screwdriver (T556) w/blade (T551) $ 5.00
T551 Screwdriver Blade .062/.087 (3 pcs.) (1.57/2.2mm) $ 5.00
T552 Screwdriver Blade .062/.080 (3 pcs.) (1.57/2.0mm) $ 5.00
T553 Screwdriver Blade .062/.072 (3 pcs.) (1.57/1.8mm) $ 5.00
T555 Screwdriver Blade .040/.040 (3 pcs.) (1.0/1.0mm) $ 5.00
T556 Screwdriver Handle, Basic (each) $ 3.75
T557 Phillips Screwdriver Blade .062/.080 (3 pcs.) (1.57/2.0mm) $ 8.00
T559 Hex Nut Wrench (single end) (1 pcs.) $ 5.00
T548 Complete Screwdriver T556 w/Phillips Blade T557 $ 8.00


T590 – Ten-Piece Screwdriver Kit:

This professional’s ten-piece kit features five optical screw- driver handles, two with black caps, three with colored (red, green, blue) caps. The kit’s five blades include three slotted blades (T551, T555, T553), one phillips (T552), and one hex wrench (T559). The kit’s wide product offering allows precise selection of the tool best suited for repair

T570 Handle, Black cap
T571 Handle, Red cap
T572 Handle, Green cap
T573 Handle, Blue cap
T551-1 Screwdriver blade 0.062/0.087″ (1.57/2.2mm)
T553-1 Screwdriver blade 0.062/0.072″ (1.57/1.8mm)
T555-1 Screwdriver blade 0.040/0.040″ (1.0/1.0mm)
T552-1 Phillips blade 0.062/0.080″(1.57/2.0mm)
T559-1 Hex nut wrench, single-ended



Nosepad Screwdriver

Standard high quality screwdriver


• Unique, stainless steel design
• Simple, sturdy and lightweight
• Gripping grooves and crossbar for easy maneuvering