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  The Catalog in PDF Format

  Lens Tinting Chemicals in PDF Lens Tinting Equipment and Machines in PDF
  Lens Dye Packets
Lens Dye Solutions
Advanced UV Formula
UV Protection System
UV Formula I
UV Formula II
UV Formula III
One Minute UV
Multi Purpose Formula
Heat Transfer Fluid
Edger/Generator Coolant
OptiSafe® Marking Ink Remover
Ink Removing Formula
Scratch Guard
Spot Free Lens Dye Additive
Hand Cleaner
AR Stripper
Heating System Model 2V
Heating System Model 6V
Heating System Model 9V
Heating System Model 4VS
Heating System Model 9VS
Digital Super Tinter
Digital Tinter 1NS
Vortex Digital Tinter 4
Digital Super Tinter 6STR
Auto lens Tinting Machine- Model 85
Digital UV Transmission Meter
  Model Spectrum 400Z

Digital UV/Visible Transmission Meter
  Model Spectrum 700VU

Color Matching Unit Model 120X
  Tools and Accessories in PDF Edging and surfacing supplies in PDF  

Lens Holder
Vinyl Gloves
Tinted Lens Display
Vat Removal Tool & Drip Tray
Premium Stainless Steel Screws
• Foreign & Domestic Repair Screws
Repair Kits
Quality Silicone Nosepads & Tools
Screwdrivers, Tools, Drills, Taps & More
Temple Tips, Ends, Covers, Heat Shrink Tubing
Other Assorted Maintenance Products

Lens Blocking Pads
Phantom Hydro Pads
SecurEdge ™Lens Blocking Pads
3M Leap Pads
Pattern Blanks
Metal - Plastic Finishing Blocks
Lens Protection Discs 1 - 2
optisafe Surfacing Tape
3M Surfacing Tape
Precision Tool Plastc Finishing Blocks
Polishing pads
Job Tray


All what you need for lens coloring and more

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